World Taekwondo Centers Master Elva Pai Adams

Master Elva Pai Adams

“Taekwondo is the sport I love! I have been practicing for over 3 decades and have had a great ride. Please enjoy my past and present!” Master Elva Pai Adams

Master Elva Pai Adams at Poomsae World Taekwondo Championships
Poomsae World Taekwondo Championships
Coach Elva Pai Adams
Master Adams Coaching at the US Open

From form (poomsae) to Coaching and sparring (Kyarrugi) competition Master Elva Pai Adams has a record no other can match. She is one of a handful of athletes in the world that have reached the medal stands in both sparring and form competition at the World Championships. Further she has coached athletes to that same medal stand.

Olympic Bronze medal Master Elva Pai Adams
Master Adams on the Medal Stands at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games

This is only the begining of the story. Read more about Master Adams here. The International press core told more of her story as the sole Referee from the USA at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games!

Master Elva Pai Adams in her Referee Uniform at the Grand Prix Final
At the Grand Prix Final Dec. 2016, Baku, AZE

Check out a great article about Master Adams on the WTF site!

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